The Garden Adventure

9. marts - 30. december 2025
Outside your door, big and small adventurous dramas are unfolding that create wonder once you learn to spot them. Go exploring in "The Adventure Garden" and learn more about the wealth of species and the abundant life you can meet there, right outside your door....

For many of us, the garden is a well-deserved free space that also provides us with lots of adventurous experiences. Perhaps many people do not associate their garden with abundant life, but what life is actually hiding in your garden? Maybe more than you realize!

In our upcoming exhibition, we explore the garden’s wealth of species, whether your garden is manicured, wild or perhaps somewhere in between. Experience ‘The Adventurous Garden’ through a sea of ​​exciting stories, because the stories are there somewhere, if only you can spot them!

“The Garden Adventure” has its opening premiere on Saturday d. March 9, 2024