Marathon on the ice

At Naturama, Naturama's large polar bear stands on its hind legs with its snout lifted. It's on a seal hunt, and the seals shouldn't feel safe just because they're a few kilometers away.

The polar bear’s sense of smell is so good that it can smell a seal resting on the ice up to 20 km away!

It may well be that you can outrun a polar bear at 1,500 meters. But in the Arctic – surrounded only by ice, ice and more ice – you don’t just have to run fast. You also need to be in extremely good condition to shake off a polar bear.

Naturama’s large polar bear could easily run a marathon when it lived in Greenland. A marathon every day, mind you. Den bevægede sig i gennemsnit 40 km om dagen i sin evige søgen efter sæler. And it was 40 kilometers both by water and by land.

The polar bear at Naturama is a magnificent specimen. It is barely 3 meters long and would weigh around 800 kg alive. The skin comes from a polar bear that was shot in Greenland. But Naturama’s conservator had to go all the way to the USA to have a model – a mannequin – made that could match the large skin.

Naturama has a total of 4 polar bears, of which 3 can be seen in the museum’s exhibitions.