Northern European mammals

In the exhibition "Northern Europe's mammals" the animals walk the catwalk. All animals that are or have been part of the Danish animal world. Others are about to immigrate.

Via advanced lighting and impressive soundstage, the 24 hours of the day are staged. In a course of 40 minutes, the animals are experienced from sunrise and daylight to dusk and the starry night sky. Along the way, you will experience rain and storms, moods from the day – night moods and the change of seasons, as well as impressive films with animals.

Among the animals on the large catwalk are royal animals: the large fallow deer is one of the most beautiful fallow deer that has walked in Jægersborg Deer Park. It was laid down and donated by His Royal Highness Prince Henrik. On the same catwalk is also the large elk bull, which was shot and donated by the Swedish king Gustav V.