The dive of the Nothern Gannet

The diving of the gannets into the sea to catch fish is spectacular. From great heights, the gannets plunge into shoals of fish below sea level.

Such a spectacular dive can be seen in the museum’s large exhibition, where as many as 5 gills show different phases of the dive.

The dive requires great coordination where air sacs under the skin help to mitigate the impact. From a height of 10 meters, the bird throws itself towards the sea surface while turning, tilting and adjusting the angle until it hits the water surface. Exactly when the bird hits the water surface, the Gannet has pulled its wings all the way back over its back as close to the body as possible, whereby the Gannet goes into the water like an arrow. The Notern Gannet hits the water surface at a speed of more than 100 km / h.