The bird world of Northern Europe

At Naturama's air level, more than 500 birds are gathered in one place. Here you can experience the birds of Northern Europe, ranging from the little bird king to the golden eagle - From 7 grams to 7 kg.

The many birds in the showcases are a direct reflection of the great diversity of birds that the Danish nature contains, and which together give an overwhelming impression of the beauty of nature.

Among other things, you can see the many owls – the small sparrow owl, the hawk owl and the barn owl, but also the large horned owl, which again breeds in many places around Denmark.

In addition, you can meet all our domestic tits, woodpeckers, thrushes just as all songbirds are represented.

The many birds in the large display case also tell cultural history. For the many birds, it is the result of years of conservator work.

It has taken a whole 2 years to build up the bird show with both new and old birds. There are birds in the showcase that are more than 100 years old.

The oldest birds in the display case are stuffed with hay or grass (they sit more stiffly), and the eyes are fitted with (glass) eyes on the outside of the head.

The newest birds are stuffed with the help of carved wooden bodies (balsa wood) and subsequently finished with modeling wax, which makes these birds extremely lively. On the new birds, the eyes sit as they should.