The Sei whale

The sei whale is Naturama's largest object with its 16 meters. Impressive and magnificent, the skeleton of the great whale stands today as a natural focal point in the museum's large exhibition space.

Taasinge Island had never experienced anything like this. It looked like a migration. The ferry traffic to the island broke down. On Sunday 23 May 1955, more than 10,000 people invaded the island in Svendborg Sound. They wanted to see the sensation that lay on the shore at Troense: a giant whale.

The Sei whale whale was lost in Svendborg Sound. There were many indications that it was terminally ill and debilitated. The military was called in from Odense to shoot the 20-tonne whale.

Even in the peeled state, Naturama’s sei whale weigh 2 tons. So when the skeleton had to be moved from the old museum into the new building, it took 18 men, five trucks and a few boxes of beer to quench the worst thirst of the sweaty moving crew. The operation was successful, which you can make sure of yourself by visiting Naturama.