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Summer holidays 25. juni - 14. august 2022


Come and experience the impressive owls from the Owl Kingdom. Tuesdays in Week 26, 27, 29, 30 and Wednesday in week 31 and Thursday in week 28 Kl. 10.00 AM and kl. At 12.00 AM there will be a presentation where you can learn more about owl biology(In danish). After this, it will be possible to try to keep an owl against the purchase of a ticket.

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The bone hut
In the cabin you see a collection of bones from various Nordic mammals. Although the animals look very different on the outside, they are very similar on the inside.


Bear Brunch
A cozy Sunday for the whole family at Naturama. Every 2nd Sunday of the month ... 🙂


Wolf Hour at Naturama – The Menu
Every Thursday you can come to Wolf Hour at Naturama. We are open until 7 PM and you can enjoy the special Thursday menu in Café Foderbrættet. .. ... 🙂


Guided tour in The Special Exhibition: Permian Monsters
The nature guide takes you on an unforgettable journey through the alluring universe of the Permian era and tells spectacular stories about big and tough predators with giant teeth, bizarre and colorful giant toads, reptiles and Monster lizards with strange plants that can kill in a snap ....... Do not stay startled if the animals move or make strange noises while - Do you dare ...;)

Special exhibition 9. februar - 30. november 2022

Special Exhibition: Permian Monsters – All day
Join us on an unforgettable journey through the spectacular universe of the Permian era 270 million years ago. Experience the big and tough predators with giant teeth, the bizarre and colorful giant toads and salamanders, giant insects, reptiles and monster lizards that can kill in a snap ....... Do not be alarmed if the animals move or make strange noises .. ..;)


“WOLF HOUR” open 4 PM – 7 PM
Every Thursday you can have a cozy evening with easy food and quality time, before the kids' bedtime. There will be evening stories and you can buy easy and delicious dinner at small prices ..... See today's program below .....


The nature guides in the house all day
The nature guide is always close by and ready to answer your questions.

Activity 9. april - 31. december 2022

Find the Nature Guide in the Ranger Room
Come close up ..... Join us when Naturama's guides find the live animals in the Ranger Room and hear the exciting stories about them.


Children’s birthday
Invite your friends to an unforgettable birthday among the animals at Naturama. Here it is not only your guests who sit at the table, but also snakes, walking sticks and cockroaches when the Nature Guide shows live animals! Once we have greeted the animals, we go on a treasure hunt around Naturama - can you find the hidden treasure? The cafe feeding board provides food and cake for the hungry ranks.😊

Activity 1. juni - 31. december 2022

The Question Corner
Have you found a nice feather, a strange rock or an exciting bone? Come by the Question Corner and get the help of our mediators to find answers to your questions.

Summer holidays

Whale stories
What is the difference between a baleen whale and a toothed whale? Do we have many whales in Denmark? Naturama's communicator tells about the great fascinating creatures.


Dive below sea level
The nature communicator guides you through the magical blue universe with fabulous stories about the fascinating mammals below the surface of the sea, the whales ...