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Special exhibition 1. april - 30. november 2023

Rock Fossils on Tour
What do old fossils and rock&roll have in common? Plenty! Now you can experience natural history, fossils and rock music in one and the same exhibition. And you can take home a selfie with yourself as a rock star.

Special exhibition 8. februar - 30. november 2023

600 million years of Eggs
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? How is it that the egg has a shell? Why are some oblong and others round? We focus sharply on the fantastic world of the egg. Come and join us and get a selfie in an eagle's nest....

Exhibition 9. maj - 8. juni 2023

Press photo of the year 2022
Naturama shows all the photos that have won awards at the Press Photo of the Year 2022. The photo here is Anthons Unger's winning photo from the evacuation of Fields. The pictures get their very own, large room at the museum. The exhibition opens on 9 May 2023 and the last day is 8 June 2023.


Wild wonderful animals
Experience DR TV's "Wild and wonderful Denmark" at children's height all day at weekends, in the high season and on Thursdays from 3 p.m. We show a clip of the 5 films in season 1 of Vilde Vidunderlige Danmark, in Naturama's large auditorium (Store Sal), with narrators Motor Mille and Christian Gintberg

Summer holidays26. juni - 4. august 2023

Today’s event: Live animals
Every day during Easter there is a new event at 11 a.m. At Naturama we have more than 30 species of live animals and Saturday/Sunday 1-2.4.+8-9.4 you can come with the nature guides in the Ranger Room, where they will show some of the animals, and at the same time learn more about insects and reptiles!

Summer holidays24. juni - 6. august 2023

Today’s event: Feeding today’s animals
Naturama's zookeepers have to feed some of our animals. Come along and see which animals he chooses to feed today!


Bear Brunch
A cozy Saturday for the whole family at Naturama. Every first Saturday of each month ... 🙂


The drawing board is open – 9.00 – 16.00
In Naturama's drawing corner, you can express your creative abilities with paper, pencil and scissors. You will find the drawing table in connection with the question corner.

Activity 1. juni 2022 - 31. december 2023

Today’s living animal
Get up close to one of the living animals - Naturama's guides have found today's animal - Come and see what they have found..:)

Activity15. april - 30. november 2023

Land-living mammals of the Nordic region
Meet the Nature Guide at country level, where you would be told about some of all the small and large animals you can find in forests and on plains in the Nordic hemisphere.

Activity 1. juni 2022 - 31. december 2023

The Question Corner
Have you found a nice feather, a strange rock or an exciting bone? Come by the Question Corner and get the help of our mediators to find answers to your questions.

Activity11. februar - 31. maj 2023

Animals Quiz
The nature guide has found parts from different animals, and now you have to help us find out which animal they come from! In the Quiz, even the smallest can participate!