The wolf hour from 4 PM – 7 PM

Every Thursday you can have a cozy evening with delicious food made from scratch and lots of quality time before the kids go to bed. There will be evening stories and you can buy easy and delicious dinner at small prices..... See today's program below.....


MENU&PROGRAM - WOLF TIME - 2023 - Little wolf = DKK 45. Large wolf = DKK 70.

Please book a table in advance - Table reservations can be made on TEL: 2488 6294:)




Thursday 7.3 THEME: Strange animals 

THEME: Spring rituals : Spring is in the air and it's time to attract a mate? Come and listen
when our mediator investigates which rituals the animals have.


Pasta & meat sauce
Vegetarian: Pasta & Lentil Bolognese


Thursday 14.3

TOPIC: Pollinators: Pollinators play an important role in our nature, but what exactly is their role?


Tenderloin casserole with rice
Vegetarian: Creamy mushrooms with rice


Thursday 21.3 THEME: Strange animals

THEME: Animals of the night: When darkness falls, the hunters of the night emerge. Our mediator tells
exciting stories about animals of the night.


Swedish sausage dish
Vegetarian: Paprika stew with potatoes


Thursday 28.3 THEME: Strange animals

THEME: Corals: Come and listen as our presenter talks about the world's coral reefs.


Ham & creamed potatoes
Vegetarian: Squash meatballs & creamed potatoes




Thursday 4.4 THEME: Strange animals

THEME: From water to land (the evolution of animals): Experience the exciting story of the evolution of life from water to land.


Carrot soup with home-baked foccacia bread
Vegetarian: Carrot soup with home-baked foccacia bread


Thursday 11.4 THEME: Strange animals 

THEME: Light in the Air (Animals with wings): All kinds of species, from birds to insects, have wings. Listen when our
Conveyor immerses himself in the wing's structure and variation.


Pasta Carbonara
Vegetarian: Pasta with spring greens


Thursday 18.4 THEME: Strange animals

THEME: The World of Whales: We dive below the surface of the sea and investigate the world of whales.


The butter chicken with rice
Vegetarian: Spicy vegetarian stew with rice


Thursday 25.4 THEME: Strange animals

TOPIC: The History of the Dinosaurs - how do we know what we know?: When did the dinosaurs appear, what is their history and how do we really know about it?


Greek meatloaf with oven-roasted potatoes
Vegetarian: Cornotto with greens


Wolf menus:


You can enjoy the delicious evening meal in our new Café, Café Foderbrættet - The menu is ready from 4:30 PM. 🙂

Please book a table in advance - Table reservations can be made on TEL: 2488 6294:)

Download Program/menu right here: