Children’s birthday

Invite your friends to an unforgettable birthday among the animals at Naturama. Here it is not only your guests who sit at the table, but also snakes, walking sticks and cockroaches when the Nature Guide shows live animals! Once we have greeted the animals, we go on a treasure hunt around Naturama - can you find the hidden treasure? The cafe feeding board provides food and cake for the hungry ranks.😊

Children’s birthday at Naturama

A child’s birthday can be booked on weekends, either in the morning from 10 – 12 or in the afternoon from 1 – 3. During this time, the company has a nicely decorated table in our classroom.

When you celebrate a child’s birthday at Naturama, you get:

Decorated table in our classroom for two hours
A nature guide who welcomes you and makes sure that you get through the day well.
Presentation on live animals
Treasure hunt around the exhibition
One tax per child
Food and cake for all participating children (sausage horn with chicken sausages, gnawing greens, cake and apple juice)
Access to the museum before and after the birthday

Price per child is NOK 149.

Morning program:

10:00 AM Live animals (duration 20 min)

10:30 AM Treasure hunt

11:15 AM Food from the cafe feeding board

12:00 AM Thanks for today.

Afternoon program:

1 PM. Food from the cafe feeding board

1:45 PM Live animals (duration 20 min)

2:15 PM Treasure hunt

3:00 PM Thanks for today.

Practical information:

The program and menu for the child’s birthday is fixed (but please inform about allergens in advance).

Adults pay entrance fee (and can buy food in the cafe feeding board)

Minimum 10 participants

Can not be booked in high season.