Tour of “The Adventure Garden” with Focus on Butterflies

lørdag 13. april 2024 - kl. 14
Right outside your door there is plenty of life, but what do we really know about garden life? For today's adventurous stories, our nature guide explores, among other things, which butterfly species YOU can experience in the garden.
Join us on a tour of the exhibition  "The Adventure Garden" and hear about the exciting wildlife you can find in the gardens.

"The Adventure Garden"

A myriad of dramatic events unfold outside your door. These possible experiences are explored at NATURAMA when you visit the exhibition "The Adventurous Garden". What life is hiding just outside your door? Come and experience everything the garden has to offer, from exciting stories about the smallest insect to the most beautiful birdsong. NATURAMA's exhibition "The Adventurous Garden" creates wonder once you learn to spot the small and large dramas right there in the backyard.