The magical sounds of the rainforest

Experience the magic of the rainforest in Naturama's large sound hall. It's almost like being there even when the intense sounds of the rainforest are heard in Naturama's large sound hall. See the fascinating pictures or just close your eyes and enjoy the atmosphere. (Must be booked in advance)

Naturama houses the best sound room (Sound Scape Theater) north of the Alps to experience the sounds of the rainforest. Naturama’s large octagonal space has been decorated and equipped under the direction of the Italian sound professor and composer David Monacchi and made possible with the support of the Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen Foundation.

David specializes in 3D sound recordings, has traveled in the world’s rainforests for 20 years, and has now, in collaboration with Italian speaker manufacturer Sonus, specially built 18 speakers and 2 subwoofers to create the perfect sound image of the sounds of the rainforest at Naturama.

The room is framed by 8 continuous canvases of 588x366cm each, all of which show the sound spectra and mood images from the rainforests.

The project Fragments of Extinction was created by David Monacchi, and can be experienced at Naturama.

The show takes guests on a journey into the heart of the sounds of the rainforest and their incredible diversity. Not only in terms of species, but also the very large variations in the soundscape that you experience between the vastly different rainforests in Ecuador, Congo and Borneo, as well as the huge difference that is in the soundscape throughout the 24 hours.

It is all sounds that due to increased demand for i.a. palm oil, meat and wood, face to be lost forever if we do not change our behavior. “The magic sounds of the rainforest” must be booked with Naturformidlerne.