The animals in Greenland

Hør hvordan dyrene i Grønland tilpasser sig det barske klima. Hvordan er deres pels? Hvad finder de af mad? Bliver de påvirket af klimaændringerne?

Hear how the animals in Greenland adapt to the harsh climate. How is their fur? What do they find of food? Are they affected by climate change?

Naturama offers exciting tours, where emphasis is placed on the good story combined with the professional knowledge. Explore the nature communicator in the exhibition and get a different tour with a focus on the good story.

The tour takes you around Naturama’s three levels WATER – LAND – AIR and is thus also a good introduction to the natural history exhibition. We have particularly great knowledge of the Greenlandic nature and we have for several periods had special exhibitions about Greenland. So tours of Greenland are always something special for us. Photo taken by Mads Pihl and kindly provided by Visit Greenland.

Price for 1 hour tour (excl. Entrance):

DKK 800 everyday

DKK 1,600 on weekends, public holidays and evenings

Maximum 25 participants per group

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