Karen Blixen – A natural communicator of God’s grace

The stage is set small hundreds of years back in time. We are in Africa, at Ngong in British East Africa.

This is where Karen Blixen set the stage for her memoir “The African Farm”. In 2012, it was 75 years since the book was published. Naturama has marked this with a portrait bust by Karen Blixen. The portrait bust is surrounded by small stories, images and animals related to Karen Blixen and her life in Africa.

Busten Naturama has asked the artist Kathrine Schrøder Moseholm to model a portrait bust of Karen Blixen for the museum. Karen Blixen lived in a time when photography took over for visual artists and sculptors. Thus, only a few painted portraits of Karen Blixen exist.

Kathrine Schrøder Moseholm on the portrait bust:

“My portrait bust of the young Karen Blixen is a fantasy show. It portrays my own senses as much as it has fallen out as a hopefully qualified bid.

The task was to give the young Karen Blixen shape that she could have taken on before she was seriously affected by the great events in Africa, returned home for better or worse and became the author Karen Blixen, who wants everyone to know her.

The elder Karen Blixen is an icon, by virtue of her charisma and importance, as a writer and as a national treasure. But an icon is strictly just a sign. I have tried to evoke her as if she were present in space, and thus look at her as on any other model. ”

Karen Blixen as a nature communicator The African nature, which at once contains unique beauty and violent drama, created such a strong fascination in Karen Blixen that she translated her experiences into captivating descriptions of nature and stories about nature. Well, with herself in the center, where she also challenges us in our view of ourselves and of nature. And the fact that she used nature as a stage gave (and gives!) Her stories another dimension.

In addition to being a formidable writer, Karen Blixen was an extremely skilled communicator of the nature and the landscape in which her experiences and stories unfolded. Karen Blixen had a keen eye for and a great knowledge of the landscape and nature that made her in able to write captivatingly about African nature.

Using her strong imagery, Karen Blixen translated what she saw, and experienced, into visually very powerful images for the reader. On top of these pictures she then laid out her literary narratives. “The African Farm” is about Karen Blixen’s life in Africa and about her struggle with her big life project – the family-owned coffee farm “Karen Coffee Company”. But beyond that, the book is a great declaration of love for Africa and for African nature.

Karen Blixen was both a “storyteller” and a natural communicator of God’s grace – and it was no coincidence that the film “Out of Africa” ​​was such a great success. As many as 7 Oscar’s, the film was awarded. The starting point was fantastic. Already in the book “The African Farm” so many fantastic images and moods were created that the filmmakers had a completely unique starting point. The film “Out of Africa” ​​became the 1980s most watched cinema film in Denmark with over 1 million people.

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