Insect buffet – why!

torsdag d. 14. oktober 2021 - kl.19:00 - 21:00
Thursday lecture - How to get more biodiversity in your garden.

How to get more biodiversity in your garden!

Learn how the life of insects can “bloom” in your garden. Whether you are for the well-groomed or for the wilder experience in your garden, we have a lot of good offers on what you can do yourself.

It’s about biodiversity. The insects must have a party! Because when the insects thrive, it creates balance in nature. The insects create life among birds and small animals, and they are important pollinators for a lot of plants and flowers.

Although it will soon be autumn and winter, there is a lot you can do right now. The soil is still “warm” and the seeds are over the winter, ready to germinate in early spring. In today’s program, Naturama’s nature communicator Poul Stentebjerg and garden expert Mona Ibsen give tips to all garden owners. Mona is a garden consultant in the association Practical Ecology and Poul is the man behind the Insect Buffet at Naturama, and they are also ready to answer your questions!

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