Guided tour in The Special Exhibition: Permian Monsters

The nature guide takes you on an unforgettable journey through the alluring universe of the Permian era and tells spectacular stories about big and tough predators with giant teeth, bizarre and colorful giant toads, reptiles and Monster lizards with strange plants that can kill in a snap ....... Do not stay startled if the animals move or make strange noises while - Do you dare ...;)

Special Exhibition: Permian Monsters

Everyone is fascinated by dinosaurs. The big animals walked around on the earth 70 million years ago. But what came before the enormous dinos? Permian Monsters did! Back in the Permian, 270 million years ago, they walked on the earth when there was only one, huge continent.


Many of them were ferocious predators – big and strong, with huge teeth. An amphibian or salamander that could kill with one rapid attack! Other types remained small but looked bizarre.

The animals from those days died out in the greatest extinction the world has ever seen. Global warming, up to 10 degrees warmer, made the world into a desert, and almost 90% of life forms disappeared.


Experience the big, life-like animals in the special exhibition, Monsters of the Past, and don’t get scared if the animals move or make strange noises when you pass by them.