“WOLF HOUR” open 4 PM – 7 PM

Every Thursday you can have a cozy evening with easy food and quality time, before the kids' bedtime. There will be evening stories and you can buy easy and delicious dinner at small prices ..... See today's program below .....



May program:

Thursday 5 May:

The sight How do animals use sight in nature and what type of eyes are good for hunting and darkness? Come to wolf class and learn more about how we use sight and how an eye is built.

Thursday, May 12:

Gopler: Is jellyfish a real animal? How do they move and what do they eat? Come and hear our nature guide tell about the mysterious jellyfish, firefighters and other jellyfish we find in Danish waters.

Thursday 19 May:

Lake life (amphibians, insects and fish What do we find in the lake this spring? And how does a toad evolve from a small egg to a large seed? Come and learn more about animals that live in freshwater.

Thursday 26 May:

Animals with wings: It is not only birds that can fly, bats and many insects can use the space of the air! Come and become wiser about the structure of the wings, and the adaptation of the different animals to a life in the air.

Wolf menus: You can also enjoy the delicious evening meal in our new Café, Café Foderbrættet – The menu is ready from 16:30. 🙂