“WOLF HOUR” open 4 PM – 7 PM

Every Thursday you can have a cozy evening with easy food and quality time, before the kids' bedtime. There will be evening stories and you can buy easy and delicious dinner at small prices ..... See today's program below .....




1 September:

– Fish Focus on fish: The question corner has gone to fish. Come and hear about fish that live in Denmark.

8 September:

– Deer Focus on deer. Which deer can you find in Denmark? Are there moose in Denmark? Who has antlers? 15 September: – The pig Focus on the pig. Denmark’s most numerous mammal. Do we have wild boar in Denmark?

22 September:

– Bats Focus on the bat. How many different bats are there in Denmark? Is the bat a bird or a mammal? Does the bat suck blood?

29 September:

– Hedgehog Focus on the hedgehog. What is the hedgehog doing in our gardens? How many spines does a hedgehog have? And can the hedgehog have milk?

The wolf menu:

You can also enjoy the delicious evening meal in our new Café, Café Foderbrættet – The menu is ready from 4.30pm. 🙂