“WOLF HOUR” open 4 PM – 7 PM

Every Thursday you can have a cozy evening with easy food and quality time, before the kids' bedtime. There will be evening stories and you can buy easy and delicious dinner at small prices ..... See today's program below .....


MENU&PROGRAM – WOLF TIME – 2023 – Little wolf = DKK 45. Big wolf = DKK 70.

Please reserve a table in advance – Table reservations can be made on TEL: 2488 6294:)

THURSDAY, August 17

THEME: Theatre: Slug: Both children and adults are allowed to play and fantasize with the nudibranchs, which in their beautiful splendor and strange behavior create joy, wonder and freedom to be themselves, together with others.

Menu: Stuffed baked potato with chicken & chorizo Vegetarian: Stuffed baked potato with halloumi & vegetables

THURSDAY, August 24:

THEME: Sea turtles: At Naturama, we receive a lot of fun things, and we therefore have a large collection of turtle shells from different species of sea turtles. Come and learn more about sea turtles, their way of life and how such a turtle is actually built?

Menu: Veal fricassee with new potatoes Vegetarian: Creamy late summer greens & new potatoes

THURSDAY, August 31:

TOPIC: Whales in Denmark: You wouldn’t believe it, but Denmark is both home and highway for a wide range of whale species, and if you keep your eyes open, you can even spot the smallest ones from the beach. Learn more about Denmark’s whales at this week’s wolf lesson.

Menu: Meatballs & summery potato salad Falafel with summery potato salad


THURSDAY, September 7

THEME: Food chains, who eats who. Do you know what the different animals eat and who eats whom? Learn more about food chains and the animals’ lives in the wolf lesson.

Menu: Indian curry with chicken & rice Vegetarian: Spicy dahl with rice

THURSDAY, September 14

THEME: Under the surface of the sea What can be found under the surface of the sea? How do fish breathe underwater and how long can a whale hold its breath? Learn about some of the sea’s wild creatures in the wolf lesson this Thursday!

Menu: Danish steak with soft onions, gravy & potatoes Vegetarian: Celery steak with potatoes & herb cream

THURSDAY, September 21

THEME: The storehouse of the animals Right now, many animals are busy! They run around gathering food for the winter, but which animals are gathering supplies and what do they eat?

Menu: Pasta a la carbonara Vegetarian: Pasta in creamy sauce with late summer greens

THURSDAY, September 28

THEME: Joint song with Povl Balslev We sing into autumn while Povl Balslev plays for. The animals we hear about in the songs will be told in the meantime.

MENU: Snack food Vegetarian: Vegetarian snack food The wolf menu: You can enjoy the delicious evening meal in our new Café, Café Foderbrættet – The menu is ready from 16:30. 🙂

Please book a table in advance – Table reservations can be made on TEL: 2488 6294:)

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