Evening open 9 AM – 8 PM

Have a cozy evening with easy food and quality time before the kids' bedtime. There will be evening stories and you can buy easy and delicious dinner at small prices ..... See today's program below .....


Thursday 23/9: Meet Naturama’s live animals

Thursday 30/9: Stories about the life of the night.

Thursday 7/10: Stories and community singing about autumn animals. Poul Christian Balslev plays for

Thursday 14/10: Stories about the world of insects: What is an insect? Hear the Nature Communicator tell about the world of insects and which piece they play in Nature’s circuit.

Thursday 21/10: MAGICAL EVENING! Hear mythical and magical stories from the world of nature. Is there a Unicorn? What are goblins, giants or elf girls? The communicator explains how all these myths and stories arose from a human urge to be able to explain all the whims of nature.

Thursday 28/10: Live animals: Come and meet some of naturama’s live animals and hear the stories about them … if you dare ..;)

You can also enjoy the delicious evening meal in our new Café, Café Foderbrættet – The menu is ready from 16:30. 🙂 See what Café Foderbrættet serves this Thursday – right here

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