Openings hours

Naturama is located in central Svendborg. By freeway it is a 30 min. drive from Odense. From the Great Belt Bridge it takes 40 min.. The bus and train station is a 10 min. walk from Naturama.

There is a parking lot for cars (96 spaces incl. 4 handicap spaces) and busses (2 spaces) opposite Naturama. During the holiday season the parking lot at Stenpladsen (125 spaces + 3 bus stops) and in Dronningegaarden (140 spaces) can also be used. All three parking lots are free, but REMEMBER to set the parking disc.

Food and beverages
Our café sells food and beverages for adults and children. You are also welcome to bring your own food and beverages, which you can enjoy both ind- and outdoors.

Visitors with children
You are welcome to take a pram or pushchair around the exhibition. Pushchairs are available for free. At Water level, there are changing facilities and a special area for breastfeeding.

For the disabled
Naturama is designed in a way that allow visitors in wheelchairs to get around. Wheelchairs are available for free. Handicap toilets on all three levels of the exhibition.

Naturama is a nature theatre where animals, by sea, land air, are staged with sound, light, beautiful films and pictures. You get close to whale skeletons, bears, elks, wild boars, hundreds of birds and a giant polar bear.

You can scratch a fox behind the ear, give the small bear a hug, touch various skins and bones or dress up. Naturama offers exercises for children in English. The exhibition has information about the animals in English.  

Animals in Naturama
Dogs, cats and other animals are not allowed in Naturama. Guide dogs are allowed.