thumb Tre niveauer med blåt lys

The architects and builders had a real challenge: the new Naturama could only be placed on a relatively small piece of land next to the old zoological museum.

The problem was that there had to be room for the museum’s largest object: The 16 metres long sei whale skeleton!

So it is the skeleton of a whale that defined the size of the large central exhibition hall.

In other words, Naturama is ”a whale with a house on its back”!

Naturama was built from the inside out. The round exhibition room – the cone – is the core of the building with three levels: Water, Land and Air. Some passageways contain ramps, while others is a combination of ramps and stairs, or even footbridges.

Other ”observation posts”, like balconies along the passageways, allow you to peer in or out of the exhibitions.

The result is, that almost no matter where you stand on the three levels in the exhibition, you can see the two other levels, giving you an excellent overview and surprises! The sharp-edged exterior creates a contrast to the organically shaped exhibition room.

Towards Dronningemaen, Naturama draws attention and shows us what is happening inside the building. The front is covered with copper –stimulating the spectator.

You can faintly make out the large circular shape of the central portion of the building, through the windows of the entrance. Maybe you also faintly make out the large whale floating in the middle?

You are seeing the house on the whale’s back. That is Naturama.

  Naturama Svendborg